Always know what you are buying

Buying a property is likely to be one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make however many consumers continue to do so blind of the facts. It is vital to be fully informed about the condition of a property and the cost of repairs prior to exchanging contracts. Surveys are a ‘health check’ for buildings and can potentially save you thousands of pounds in costly repair bills.

Once the survey is complete you will have a clearer understanding of the condition of the property and if any repairs are required, you can also often re-negotiate the sale price to reflect the cost of the repairs.

We offer two main types of residential surveys - the RICS Homebuyer Report and a detailed Building Survey.

RICS Homebuyer Report

We would recommend this report when purchasing a relatively modern house, flat or bungalow, built from conventional building materials and in reasonable condition. This service provides a report based upon an inspection and market appraisal.

The aim of the RICS Homebuyer Report is to provide the consumer with professional advice and assistance including:

  • Information on the condition of each element of the property with comments on repairs or maintenance required
  • Easy to understand ‘traffic light’ condition rating
  • Using all the relevant information to make an informed decision on whether to purchase the property and a reasonable purchase price
  • Consider further advice you should take prior to committing to purchase the property
Building Survey

Formerly called a structural survey, you should choose this survey if you are considering purchasing a large, old (pre-dating 1900) or run down property, an unusual or substantially altered building or if you are planning major works. The report is an extensive inspection which also aims to establish how the property is built and advise on future maintenance. It includes detailed information on the condition, visible defects, potential problems and considers environmental issues. The report will also identify issues that your Conveyancers may need to investigate further.

Our RICS qualified Chartered Surveyors, who have many years of experience carrying out a variety of surveys, can help you decide on which type of survey is right for you before it's too late.

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